Consultatie + tratament:

–  80 lei / 40 min.
– 120 lei / 60 min.

O afectiune cronica poate avea nevoie de pana la 6 saptamani de tratament, pe cand o problema acuta poate avea nevoie de doar unul sau doua tratamente.
Starea generala de sanatate, calitatea dietei, accidentarile anterioare, interventiile chirurgicale anterioare, nivelul de stres, toate pot afecta viteza cu care corpul va raspunde la tratament, mai ales in cazul problemelor cronice.

Consulting + treatment:

  80 lei / 40 min.
120 lei / 60 min.

A chronic condition may take up to 6 weeks of treatment, while an acute problem may need only one or two treatments.
General health, diet quality, previous injuries, previous surgeries, stress levels can all affect the speed with which the body will respond to treatment, especially for chronic problems.